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MOVE: Jiggly Thigh-Busting Ballerina Leg Lift
WHAT IT DOES: You think this exercise is all thighs, thighs, thighs (that’s where you feel the burn), but it helps whittle your waist, too!It tightens and tones the muscles while elongating the limbs. If your body isn’t burning by the time you’re through, you’re not giving it your all. “Remember, if your muscles are not burning, they’re not working,” says Bowers. “You can always stop and take a five minute stretch, but otherwise, keep going. I find it’s easier to keep it up if you don’t stop!” 
HOW TO DO IT (watch the moving image above to see Mary Helen Bowers demonstrating the move)
On your right side, bend your knees and bring your legs in to a 45 degree angle from your torso. Find a comfortable position for your upper body. You’ll complete the sequence on your right side, and then your left side. 
Lift your left leg and straighten it, pointing your foot as you straighten it and stretching through the knee. Bend knee back above the right leg, keeping it raised. At the same time, position your left arm so it’s parallel to your extended leg. As you bend your knee, raise your arm up over your head. Keep your hips parallel, your shoulders down and your stomach pulled in tight. Do eight counts, four sets.
Hold your leg out straight for one last count of eight.

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sleek & slender abs with karena! repeat 3 times

tipsy warm up - standing with dumbbells to your side, rock back and forth keeping your hips stationary, activating the core muscles warming them up for your workout.
knee up crossover - standing with one hand pressed above you, and the other one to your side (dumbbells in hand) twist to one side, lifting that knee up while bringing your elbow down to meet in front of you. return to standing and repeat.
cat crunch - in a plank position, begin with arching your back and pulling your knee towards your face while contracting your abs. fully extend your leg back, using both your abs and your low back moving as slowly as possible.
cinch it - in a plank position slowly rotate your hips side to side while keeping your shoulders in line above your elbows on the mat. be sure to touch your hip on the ground before changing direction!
plank kicks - hold a plank position for a 5 count, then lift one leg slightly up and hold for 5, kick it out to your side and hold for 5, then bring it back in and hold for 5 before dropping it back down to the ground. repeat for each side.
tabletop crunch - a 3 part crunch move, begin on your back with your legs in tabletop position. with your dumbbell in your hands, crunch up and place the dumbbell on top of your shins being careful not to let it fall. slowly lay back down before crunching back up to take the dumbbell and lay back down extending your legs straight out in the air!
basic crunches - on your back, lift your shoulders off the ground by contracting your core.
the butterfly - sitting up balancing on your bum, slowly flutter your legs, bringing one heel to the ground while the other is lifted up to eye level and alternate!

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